V and A Exhibition Road

Site Analysis

V AND A Located in the heavily visited area of South Kensington, the Victoria and Albert is one of the few larger names in museums, alongside the Natural History Museum. Exhibition Road quarter is the largest building undertaken by the museum, and acts as a courtyard and exhibition space for visitors. On first impression, when walking into the quarter, I felt that the atmosphere was extremely clean, modern and almost disconnected to it’s more classical and warm toned surroundings. This made for a really interesting experience, and whilst the visuals were clean looking, and the slanted walls and lifted floors with glass underneaths gave a modern appearance, and I also enjoyed seeing some interesting installation pieces. The design of the quarter kept in mind the troubles on exhibition road and its traffic, whilst also successfully achieving a bright and large space for people to feel separated from the road, but not yet in the more confined spaces within the Victoria and Albert rooms.